Gail Migdal Title, Esq.

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  • Dispute between group of employees and corporate employer over creation and distribution of bonus pool mediation, resolved 26 pending arbitrations.
  • Claim against airline for alleged wrongful termination and retaliation in violation of public policy in response to flight attendant’s complaint that airline failed to observe passenger safety rules
  • Dispute between national drug store chain and store managers alleging misclassification of employees as exempt, and violations of California's wage and hours, overtime, rest and meal period laws
  • Claim against US military asserting race and disability discrimination, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, retaliation, and harassment based on employee’s EEO and union activity
  • Claim against talent agency by former executive asserting discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment based on age and gender, and retaliation and failure to take corrective action under FEHA
  • Claims by former sales executive against foreign film distribution company asserting breach of written employment contract, gender discrimination and wrongful termination​
  • Class action on behalf of dancers at adult entertainment establishments regarding dancers’ right to retain tips, overtime, reimbursement for uniforms, rest breaks and meal breaks
  • Claims against defense contractor by engineer for discrimination on the basis of gender and disability under FEHA, violation of ADA and Rehabilitation Act, retaliation for taking FMLA leave and failure to reasonably accommodate
  • Action against television production company by writer for gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation for failure to submit to unwelcome advances, failure to prohibit sexual harassment and for overtime, rest break and meal break violations
  • Claim by head of private school for wrongful and constructive termination involving allegedly inappropriate behavior
  • Claim involving alleged constructive termination by private equity company based on sexual orientation
  • Class action regarding alleged failure to pay for time donning and doffing, meal period violations and other related statutory violations
  • Claim against law firm for constructive termination based on pregnancy and gender discrimination
  • Matter involving whether media company’s termination of chief financial officer was for cause and seeking attorneys’ fees under Labor Code Section 2802