• Multiple matters involving accounting and other participation claims, including self-dealing through vertical integration, arising from television exploitation of theatrical motion pictures
  • Matter involving applicability of Talent Agency Act to actions of talent representative
  • Case involving television exploitation rights in series of novels
  • Matter involving acquisition of television stations under asset purchase agreement and effect on FCC station licenses
  • Mediation in advance of IFTA arbitration​
  • Dispute involving respective rights to revenues generated by and intellectual property used in series of magic and illusionist shows
  • Matter involving entitlement to writing credit and share in proceeds of motion picture
  • Case involving international distribution of Chinese television series
  • Dispute involving advertising agency’s production of television commercial for Las Vegas resort
  • Matter involving US distribution rights in theatrical motion picture
  • Matter involving title to award-winning television series and name of record label
  • Controversy involving accounting and other profit participation claims brought by creator of long-running television series
  • Matter involving sound technology used in software to provide high-end audio on DVD and Blu-ray Discs
  • Dispute over talent agency’s claim to commissions from writer
  • Case involving transmission rights in US, China and other foreign territories
  • Matter involving breakup of creative partnership and respective rights in connection with completed and future motion pictures
  • Dispute over right to exploit documentary of famous football team
  • Matter involving contract interpretation of distribution agreement between prolific film producer and Chinese distributor for slate of 61 films and whether motion picture failed to include contractually required talent
  • Matter arising from performances by opening act in well-known comedian's national tour
  • Matter between talent agency and former executive arising from company’s hiring, operational changes and other conduct
  • Controversy between producer and distributor regarding worldwide distribution of theatrical motion picture
  • Matter between award-winning designer of cinematography equipment and leading motion picture equipment distributor over development and production of camera-head system for use in the entertainment industry
  • Matter between foreign film distribution company and former executive arising from company’s hiring, operational changes and other conduct
  • Matter involving respective rights of general talent agency and voiceover agency to clients and commissions
  • Matter involving media company’s obligations arising from termination of its chief financial officer
  • Controversy involving rights and obligations, including rights to intellectual property, arising from termination of television production executive
  • Controversy among motion picture producers and various lenders to the project, including issues regarding bridge financing, intercreditor agreements, tax credits and accounting

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