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  • Dispute among members and former members of heavy metal band regarding partnership rights, value of partnership interest, dissolution, music publishing rights, trademark rights; use of name and likeness, defamation, unfair competition, and income and royalties from recordings
  • Case between daughter of famous lyricist and second husband of lyricist's widow involving issues of copyright termination, probate and family law in different states
  • Dispute between company in the business of placing musical works in motion picture trailers and individual who found composers for company asserting breach of contract, accounting and trademark infringement
  • Dispute among members of partnership created to exploit music of rap group and related merchandise
  • Case between decedent composer's heirs and grantee of rights from decedent over copyright interest in well-known musical composition​
  • Dispute between musician and record catalog owner regarding right to masters, license sampling, and royalties in compositions and sound recordings, as well as use of musician's name and likeness
  • Dispute between record and music publishing company and supplier of consumer goods and technology products to the correctional market involving sales of mixed tapes acquired from third-party
  • Matter among former members of indie band regarding use of band name by individual band members
  • Case arising from use of name of well-known 60’s rock band on merchandise
  • Matter involving claims by performing rights organization that radio stations played music without proper licenses
  • Matter involving potential dissolution arising from dispute between members of company that owns record catalogue and record label and provides music-related services
  • Dispute among music attorney and current and former client involving industry standards for attorneys’ fee structures, exercise of fiduciary duties and tortious interference with music industry relationships
  • Dispute between major concert venue/operator and on-line ticketing agent


Gail Migdal Title, Esq.