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  • Dispute involving use of fashion model’s image on website of company promoting clothing and fashion services.
  • Matter involving use of names and likenesses of members of heavy metal band
  • Litigation involving use of models’ images to promote popular social media application
  • Dispute involving use of model’s image in promotional materials by producer/distributor of dermatology and aesthetics products to medical professionals
  • Matter involving use of name and likeness of famed Olympic swimmer to promote health supplements
  • Matter arising from use of well-known artist’s likeness in sales and advertising of televisions​
  • Matter arising from use of bodybuilder’s image to endorse health products
  • Case involving use of image of famous guitarist and band leader on commercial products
  • Matter arising from use of model/actor’s image in connection with marketing of clothing line
  • Matter involving use of fashion designer’s image by plastic surgeon in promotion of his practice
  • Matter involving use of high fashion model and actor’s image in promotion and marketing of cruise line
  • Dispute involving use of musician/composer's name and likeness by record catalog owner
  • Matter involving online sales of photographs of celebrity models
  • Matter involving apparel company’s use of fashion model’s image in marketing and promotional materials
  • Case involving news publication’s report regarding HIV among actors in the pornography industry
  • Matter involving claims of defamation, false light and emotional distress in connection with internet postings
  • Matter involving statements allegedly made about executive by employer following executive’s separation from employer
  • Matter involving statements allegedly made about one another by competing developers and marketers of software products
  • Controversy over statements allegedly made in interviews and on line by current band members regarding former band member